Tucano (PC) Dritta Slim bag for Notebook 15.6inch - Blue

Gyártó Tucano

Fogyasztói ár8 890 Ft
Alapár áfával együtt: 9 462 Ft
Fogyasztói ár áfa nélkül 7 000 Ft
Kedvezmény-572 Ft
ÁFA tartalom: 1 890 Ft



Slim, compact bag sized to fit 15.6inch notebooks and the MacBook Pro 17inch, with a practical organization for everything else you need to carry. It features a dedicated tablet compartment compatible with iPad and tablets on the inside. An internal fleece lined strap helps to carry and protect your equipment of smaller size. The convenient front pocket offers a quick access to always keep your items on hand. It also has a flat back-compartment for newspaper, magazines or other essentials. Carrying options include shoulder strap or top handle.

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