Moshi iGlaze for MacBook Air 13inch (2013) - Black

Gyártó Moshi

Fogyasztói ár13 970 Ft
Alapár áfával együtt: 16 056 Ft
Fogyasztói ár áfa nélkül 11 000 Ft
Kedvezmény-2 086 Ft
ÁFA tartalom: 2 970 Ft



Designed for owners who prefer minimalist protection, Moshis iGlaze for MacBook Air perfectly complements and protects your MacBook Air. A precision-tooled design allows for a polycarbonate casing that is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable. iGlaze is surface-treated with a specialized coating that not only offers better scratch resistance, but also accentuates the devices elegant design. The two-piece construction can be installed or removed in seconds and is 100% compatible with Moshis full line of protection for MacBook Air. Compatibility: MacBook Air 13inch Model 3,2 (Late 2010); MacBook Air 13inch Model 4,2 (Mid 2011); MacBook Air 13inch Model 5,2 (Mid 2012); MacBook Air 13inch Model 6,2 (Mid 2013).

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